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Explosion Proof Grinding and Dedusting Room

product details

  • Fixed, small and light grinding workpieces can be effectively absorbed and purified by grinding worktable; however, the scattered, large and heavy grinding worktable that needs to be frequently hoisted is not suitable for grinding worktable to absorb and purify the dust generated during grinding. Mobile grinding room is a kind of closed and retractable grinding and dedusting equipment. The utility model has the advantages of low noise, convenient use, etc. It is suitable for grinding station with large volume, heavy weight and frequent hoisting,

    Place the workpiece on the worktable and polish it. Under the suction effect of the exhaust fan, the polished dust on the workpiece will be inhaled into the machine. The polished dust will not stay in the breathing place of the operator, but will be quickly pumped into the main machine along with the air flow of the exhaust, which greatly improves the working environment.

    Grinding dust collection series: can add explosion-proof motor fan, explosion-proof switch