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Grinding Dust Collection Telescopic Room

product details

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    Dust Purifier
    · Suitable for grinding, polishing and other working conditions of metal and non-metal workpieces

    Performance Description
    · Integrated structure, beautiful appearance, small floor area
    · Anti back suction device, fully automatic pulse back blowing and soot cleaning,  make the cleaning effect morethorough
    · Power status monitoring: alarm for over-voltage and under voltage in case of wrong phase disconnection to prevent damage of motor and electrical parts
    · Air pressure status monitoring: low air pressure alarm to prevent incomplete ash cleaning. The differential pressure gauge can directly display the use status of the filter element, and the automatic pulse back blowing and soot cleaning will be carried out if the differential pressure is too high.
    · Operation temperature monitoring: system over temperature alarm to prevent fire

    Standard Configuration
    · Main filter element with filter efficiency ≥ 99.9%
    · Fault phase protection, overload protection, air pressure monitoring, temperature monitoring device
    · Japan Toray antistatic flame retardant coated polyester fiber filter cartridge
    · PLC pulse controller
    · Explosion proof blower
    · Explosion-proof solenoid valves                
    · Explosion proof electric control box
    · 70L Dust drawer
    · Differential pressure gauge
    · Muffler

    Spare Parts
    · Intelligent control system
    · Frequency conversion system
    · IO port (remote control)

    Voltage380V / 50Hz
    Air Volume8000-9000m³/h
    Filter Area80m²
    Filter materialImported PTFE filter material