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Plasma cutting machine cutting smoke purification

product details

  • Working material rack of plasma cutting machine is 3*10m

           According to the specification and size of the cutting machine, on the premise of ensuring the dust removal effect, in line with the requirements of the most economical, convenient maintenance, economical operation and small follow-up costs, our company adopts the semi-dry cutting platform dust removal solution, and the sliding air duct blowing and suction dust removal system is designed. 

           That is to say, a sliding air suction duct is placed on one side of the cutting platform and fixed on one side of the cutting machine, which can move back and forth with the cutting machine, and its power comes from the cutting machine. The blowing port is also fixed on the other side of the cutter to move randomly. 

           The air blowing port is the air supply formed by the operation of two small axial flow fans. The purpose of the blower is to send the smoke and dust far away from the air extraction port to the place near the air extraction port with a thrust, so as to facilitate the extraction of smoke and dust. 

           When the upper part of the cutting platform is covered with steel plates, the lower part of the cutting platform is blown and sucked to form an air channel to facilitate the extraction of smoke and dust. In this process, the air blowing and suction duct is formed by the space between the platform grid and the grid.