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Customized grinding table

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  Ten grinding workbenches ordered by China Railway in our company have arrived at the customer's site.


  The grinding and dedusting table adopts three-bread enclosure design, which effectively controls dust and keeps the air clean in the workshop. The collected dust settles in the dust collecting drawer to prevent secondary pollution. At the same time, it plays a recycling role for precious metal materials. It can effectively capture fine suspended dust without interfering with workers'movement and vision. It is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized fine processing and irregular parts. It can be connected with a special smoke and dust purifier and a central smoke and dust system.


  The customized polishing table is equipped with LED explosion-proof lighting, explosion-proof socket and switch to ensure the safety of the use process to a greater extent; left and right switchable enclosure, more convenient and flexible to use. The bottom is equipped with Fuma casters, which can move flexibly and lock stably. The back is equipped with a connecting device, which can be used alone or in combination to meet the needs of various working conditions.