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Analysis of the latest case of centralized dust removal in workshop

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After the Eleventh Holiday

Our technicians set out from Taiyuan, Shanxi Province to instruct the installation workshop to remove welding dust as a whole.


  Customer site has 6 welding stations to be processed, each station is about 3-4 meters away, using Meilan 7.5KW centralized dust collector.

The centralized smoke and dust purification system is composed of dust collecting cover, pipeline, dust collecting main machine and smoke exhaust pipe. When running, the suction generated by the fan enters the pipeline system by collecting the smoke and dust from the workshop through the dust collecting cover, and then purifies the smoke and dust conveying and purifying room through the pipeline. The purified air can be directly discharged into the workshop, and can also be uniformly discharged through the smoke exhaust pipe according to the local environmental protection requirements. 。 More significantly improve the air quality in the workshop, reduce the hazards of smoke and dust on human health.



  Applicable working conditions: workshop welding whole dust removal, laser cutting machine dust removal, plasma cutting machine dust removal and other working conditions.

  After the workshop workers were installed, our Engineering Department gave technical training to workshop workers and instructed them to use and maintain the equipment.

After the installation of Taiyuan's instructions, engineers began their after-sales tour along the way.

 First came to a mechanical and electrical equipment company in Xi'an, the company workshop has multiple processes such as plasma flame cutting, large workpiece grinding, etc., using the smoke and dust purification scheme of flame cutting designed and constructed by our company to solve the long-standing problems of the enterprise, using the form of vacuum hood above the gantry to reduce the power of the dust collector, fundamentally saving energy and cost. The effect is indeed praised. In the past six months, customer feedback shows that the use effect is very good, the operation is stable, the workshop environment is much better than before, which creates a good working environment for workshop workers, and the use is convenient and smooth, humanized design, and improve work efficiency.



  In the other part of the workshop, the mobile telescopic grinding room is adopted. This way is the combination of Mei-Blue environmental protection grinding cabinet and telescopic room. The grinding dust can be controlled in an independent space and can not diffuse. The side suction of the grinding cabinet collects the dust thoroughly and cleanly, without delaying the upper and lower workpieces, and has no limitations on the size of the workpiece. The equipment is easy to operate. It greatly improves the working efficiency of workers and the working environment.


  Then I drove all the way to Luoyang and maintained the Luoyang drag welding smoke purification equipment. This project was just completed last month. This time, I also inspected the equipment and pipeline system. No problems were found. Customers said that the use of the equipment was good and the effect was good.


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