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Case analysis of welding training school

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Welding training room is very common in today's Vocational Colleges and training institutions, but the smoke and dust generated in the training work are scattered around, which seriously affects the physical and mental health of the operators. How to effectively collect and purify the smoke and dust is a problem many schools are troubled by.

Recently, Meilan environmental protection has completed a set of centralized dust removal system designed and manufactured by a welding training center in Inner Mongolia, which can effectively collect and purify the flue gas and dust generated by welding during the use period, and has won praise from customers.



At present, the main ways to capture welding fume are:

1. Top suction hood

In order to fully capture any dust generated in a station, the size of the top suction hood is designed to cover all welding positions of the workpiece. The shape of the top suction hood is four Ling table shape, and the angle between each side and the ground is not less than 45 °.

The top suction hood is suitable for fixed welding positions and many welding positions. Workers can weld freely within the coverage of the suction hood, and the welding fume can be captured smoothly to achieve high capture efficiency.

2.Suction arm capture mode

The framework of the suction arm is similar to the human arm. The suction arm can hover in the space within the length of the suction arm through the action of damping rod and friction plate. A special rotating mechanism is designed in the position of the suction hood, which ensures that the suction hood can be aligned with the welding position in any direction. Through fluid design and air flow simulation, the suction arm can capture the smoke generated in the welding process in the maximum amount and range.

The suction arm must be installed on the wall or on the ground in the form of columns.

Scope of application:

The size of the suction hood of the suction arm is φ 150-170, which is suitable for the welding with the weld length not more than 100 mm and the welding position of the workers is fixed. The welding method is suitable for manual arc welding, CO2 gas shielded welding, MAG welding and MIG welding