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High Efficiency Laser Smoke Purifier

product details

  • Applicable scope of high efficiency laser smoke purifier:

    1. Laser marking, laser engraving to remove smoke and odor (suitable for rubber plate making industry, laser engraving industry...) ;

    2. Laser cutting acrylic, pvc, rubber, leather and other materials to remove smoke and odor (suitable for billboard processing industry, garment processing industry, mobile phone leather processing industry...) ;

    3. Tin welding of PCB (10 positions);

    4. Multifunctional Laser Cutting Machine

    Product Profile

    Moland MLWF Series High Efficiency Smoke Purifier Filter System:

    1. Initial filter layer: High dust holding filter cotton. Firstly, the larger dust particles and oil fume particles in the smoke are absorbed to protect the main filter layer. Most of the visible particles in the smoke are effectively intercepted, and small particles and harmful gases pass through to the main filter layer.

    2. Main filter layer: HEPA high-efficiency filter, the purification rate of 0.3 micron particles can reach 99.7%. Most of the micro-particles (including some bacteria) passing through the pre-filter layer are intercepted and absorbed, and the rest of the exhaust gas enters the gas adsorption layer.

    3. Gas adsorption layer: composed of zeolite, activated carbon and oxidant, adsorbing waste gas (harmful gas).

    Product characteristics

    · New LCD display, 10 speed regulation, real-time display speed, air volume, negative pressure and other information, filter saturation   sound and light alarm;

    · Precision microchip control, high sensitivity and long distance remote control, can achieve 360 degree control switch within 2 meters,   air volume regulation, timing shutdown and other functions;

    ·Fire arrester, to achieve spark isolation, to prevent fire hazards.

    · Brushless DC motor, energy-saving, high speed, large air volume, high negative pressure, low noise, maintenance-free;

    · The design of lower air intake and upper air exhaust. Large particles of dust drop in the filter drawer under the action of gravity.     Small particles of dust pass through the main filter core with the air flow to prevent the filter core from blocking too fast.