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Universal inspiratory arm

product details

  • The outer arm tube of universal suction arm is PVC and glass fiber  threaded steel pipe, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance (300 degrees Celsius), corrosion resistance, thin arm, light weight and moderate elasticity. The carbon steel support frame in the tube is a set of self-balancing connecting rod mechanism, which has the characteristics of all-round hovering. By pulling the handle on the hood, the suction hood can be easily put into operation. The mouth is stretched to any position that the arm can reach and hovered in the ideal position for smoke absorption without any auxiliary supporting facilities.

    Product features of inspiratory arm:

    The suction hood can rotate 360 degrees with the suction arm, make it more convenient and flexible to use. Whether the operator is in any position of the suction arm, the suction hood can be placed in the appropriate absorption position. Compared with the fixed pipeline system, the universal suction arm has higher performance advantages and can adapt to all kinds of complex working conditions which can not install the suction pipeline.

    Inhalation arm product parameters:

    Medel: XQB1620/2020/3030

    Optional mask size: horseshoe suction (L), hat suction (H)

    The standard length of the inspiratory arm is 2 meters or 3 meters. It can be customized for special requirements.

    The standard diameter of suction pipeline is 160 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm.

    Lightweight and convenient, flexible rotation. All-round, multi-angle accurate positioning, free hovering for work.

    Easy to disassemble and clean.

    The wall pipe is acid and alkali corrosion resistant, high temperature and negative pressure resistant, high fibre reinforced PVC coated steel wire wind pipe, which is abrasion resistant, corrosion resistant, temperature resistant more than 300 degrees, smooth wall, high wind speed and long service life.

    The suction port is equipped with air flow regulating valve, which can adjust the air flow freely according to the real demand.

    Skeleton material: spring is steel galvanized, other metal components and fasteners are carbon steel.

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