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Centralized dust removal equipment in workshop

product details

  • Product Profile

    The centralized smoke and dust purification system consists of dust collecting cover, pipeline, main engine, fan and smoke exhaust pipe. When running, the suction generated by fan collects the smoke and dust from workshop to pipeline system through dust collecting cover, and then transports the smoke and dust to the main engine through pipeline for filtering and purification. The purified air is discharged directly into the outdoor,reducing sollution to the surrounding air environment. it can more significantly improve the air quality in the workshop and reduce the hazards of smoke and dust on human health.

    The number of filter elements installed in the main engine is determined by the amount of smoke and dust calculated in advance.When laying the pipeline to transport smoke and dust, we should avoid the lane, reduce the elbow and wind resistance as far as possible, so as to achieve the ideal effect of dust removal and purification.

    Application: Multi-station welding dust treatment, laser cutting, grinding dust conditions such as grinding iron chips, stone, furniture dust, etc.

    Product characteristics

    · Integral structure, beautiful appearance, small area;

    · Anti-suction device, more thoroughly cleaning effect;

    · Power supply condition monitoring: Alarm for broken phase (over-voltage and under-voltage) to prevent motor and electrical              components from being damaged;

    · Barometric condition monitoring:Alarm for low pressure to prevent incomplete ash cleaning

                           Pressure differential  gauge  shows the use condition of filter element

                           Automatic Pulse Back Blowing of excessive pressure difference

    · Operation temperature monitoring:Alarm system of high temperature to prevent fire