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Dust purifier

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  • Product Profile

       Welding fume purifier is a small dust collector specially designed for small particles that is harmful to human body produced during welding. It is suitable for single and double welding positions. It is light, flexible and easy to operate. The purifier consists of box, filter cartridge, dust collection drawer, fan, dust cleaning device and electrical system. It uses the principle of submerged flow, the top air is filtered through a high-efficiency filter element and then absorbed by activated carbon to meet the national environmental protection discharge standards.

       Application:  single welding workstation, two welding workstation, grinding, laser cutting and other working conditions.

       Working Principle: Smoke and dust generated in the process of production and operation can be inhaled through the suction hood through the gravity action of the fan to the mobile welding smoke purifier. First, the smoke and dust can be separated and intercepted by the fire-retardant net at the air inlet of the purifier,then pass through the filter core. It is designed for light smoke, dust and oil fog produced in welding operations of mechanical processing plants, automobile assembly plants, maintenance plants and related industries. It is widely used in welding, polishing, cutting, grinding and other processes to produce dust, as well as the recovery of rare metals and precious materials.

    Product characteristics

    · Integrative structure with small floor area.

    · Anti-suction device to make the effect of ash cleaning more thoroughly.

    · Power supply condition monitoring: Alarm of fault phase (overvoltage and undervoltage) to prevent motor and electrical components     from damage.

    · Pressure condition monitoring: Alarm for low pressure of gas source to prevent incomplete dust cleaning.

    · Pressure differential gauge shows the working state of filter element , and automatic pulse back blowing of excessive     pressure difference.