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Dust purifier with Ash bucket

product details

  • Product parameters


    Performance description

    · Integrative structure with small floor area.

    · Anti-suction device to make the effect of ash cleaning more thoroughly.

    · Power supply condition monitoring: Alarm of fault phase (overvoltage and undervoltage) to prevent motor and electrical components from damage.

    · Pressure condition monitoring: Alarm for low pressure  to prevent incomplete dust cleaning.

    · Pressure differential gauge shows the working state of filter element, and automatic pulse back blowing of excessive pressure difference.

    Standard configuration

    · Filtration efficiency (> 99.7%)  (imported coated polyester fiber)

    · Fault phase protection, overload protection and air pressure monitoring device

    · PLC Pulse Controller

    · Tri-color lamp

    · Pressure differential gauge

    · 30L Dust Collection Drawer

    · The left and right air inlets (φ200)

    · Spark trap (large particle dust pre-filter)

    Spare parts

    · Intelligent Control System

    · IO port (remote control)

    · Explosion-proof configuration

    · Universal Flexible Arm (φ160)

    · Vacuum Cleaning Pipeline (φ200)