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Mobile welding fume purifier

product details

  • Product Profile

    The dust purifier has passed the certification of CCEP China Environmental Protection Industry Association, and the filtration efficiency is ≥ 99.9%, meeting the safety filtration requirements of W3 (high alloy steel) welding dust.

    Product characteristic

    ● filter efficiency ≥ 99.9% (coated polyester fiber)

    ● 2m / 3m universal flexible suction arm

    ● fault phase protection and overload protection device

    ● quick release cartridge

    ● 5m power line

    ● spark catcher (large particle dust pre filter)

    ● activated carbon filter (for adsorption of toxic gas)


    Various welding (arc welding, secondary welding, MAG welding, special welding, etc.), polishing, cutting, grinding and other places to produce smoke and dust.