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Explosion Proof Type Dust Cleaning Cabinet for Grinding

product details

  • Product parameters


    Product Profile

          Grinding dust removal cabinet is a kind of grinding dust treatment equipment designed and manufactured for whose working mode is downdraft, upper exhaust and inner circulation. It is equipped with mobile telescopic to form a grinding room. It is suitable for grinding and dust removal of large workpieces such as sheet metal and special-shaped workpieces. The grinding cabinet can be assembled freely according to the size of workshop and can meest the needs of various working conditions.

    Performance description

    · Integrative structure with small floor area.

    · Anti-suction device to make the effect of ash cleaning more thoroughly.

    · Power supply monitoring: Alarm of fault phase overvoltage and undervoltage to prevent motor and electrical components from     damage.

    · Pressure  monitoring: Alarm for low pressure to prevent incomplete dust cleaning.

    · Pressure differential gauge shows the working state of filter element and automatic pulse back blowing of excessive     pressure difference.

    · Operation temperature monitoring: Alarm system of high temperature to prevent fire

    Standard configuration

    · Filtration efficiency (> 99.7%) (imported explosion-proof coated polyester fiber filter)

    · Fault phase protection, overload protection, air pressure monitoring and temperature monitoring devices

    Anti static filter element

    · Explosion-proof fan

    · Explosion-proof solenoid valve

    · Explosion-proof electronic control box

    · Pressure differential gauge

    · Muffler