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Plasma cutting dedusting equipment

product details

  • Standard Configuration

    Imported flame retardant coated polyester fiber filter element

    Staggered Phase and Overload Protection、Pressure and Temperature Detection

    PLC Touch Screen Intelligent Control

    150L Dust Collector、Tricolor lamp、Differential gauge、Muffler、Spark trap···

    Option accessories

    Intelligent Monitoring System、Frequency conversion system

    IO port (remote, online)、Explosion-proof configuration

    Initial filter box、Dust removal pipeline

    Suction ducts on both sides of rack

    Applicable working condition

    Workshop centralized dust removal, laser cutting, plasma cutting, flame cutting, profile cutting, turning dust, automatic welding, gas welding, positioning welding, multi-station manual welding, angle grinder grinding dust, grinding wheel  dust and other non-oily dust purification conditions