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MLWF290-2.2kw Mobile Welding Fume Purifier

product details

  • Product Profile

    Welding fume purifier is a small dust collector specially designed for small particles harmful to human body produced during welding. It is suitable for single and double welding positions. It is light, flexible and easy to operate.

    The purifier consists of box, filter cartridge, dust collection drawer, fan, dust cleaning device and electrical system. It uses the principle of submerged flow, and the top air is filtered through a high-efficiency filter element and then absorbed by activated carbon to meet the national environmental protection discharge standards.

    Application: Dispersed manual and small workpiece welding.

    Product characteristics

    · Made of high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet with beautiful and practical appearance.

    · High-efficiency membrane-coated polyester fiber filter,filtering accuracy of 0.3u and filtering efficiency of 99.7%.   The replacement cycle of filter material is long and the cost is low.

    · Imported fan, energy saving and environmental protection, long service life.

    · The inspiratory arm hovers at 360 degrees.

    · Compact structure, small area, caster design, easy to move.

    · Activated carbon filter plate is easier to remove odor.

    · Soot Cleaning Method of Filter Element: Omni-directional Rotor Back-blowing