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Portable smoke purifier

product details

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    Filter Specifications 

    This product is equipped with three (3) filters: 

    1. Pre-Filter: Metal Mesh

    2. Primary filter

    3. High efficiency filter

    Principles of Operation

    This product is designed to capture and clean smoke and dust from light-duty welding, soldering, and grinding applications.  When operating, air is drawn in to the nozzle, passes through the 40mm diameter hose, then through the air cleaner’s filtration system, and is finally exhausted through the top discharge.  When the hood is placed sufficiently close to the source of dust and smoke, three stages of filtration work to clean pollution from the air.  First, a pre-filter section collects the large dust particles.  Second, smaller particles are trapped in the fibers of the filter with an efficiency specified in Section 2.3.