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Jinan moland Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

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地址:No. 11889, JingShixi Road, Ping'an Street Office, Changqing District, Jinan


Integrated Office

Work under the leadership of the General Manager and be responsible to the General Manager; Main Functions: coordinating and supervising the work of other departments ; drafting  meeting agenda, proposals,work plan, formulate and repair company personnel regulations and inpection of the implementation of the system; complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

Sales Department

Contact customers, product quotation, pre-sale and after-sales service; communicate with customers, establish good cooperation relationship, statistics and forecast sales volume, open sales channels and achieve sales targets. Conduct environmental surveys to determine the target; investigate the market share of products; investigate the business situation of the industry; open up and expand the market

Finance Department

Financial management, accounting, financial control.

Purchasing Department

Analyse the quality and price of raw materials, find the source of material supply, investigate and master the supply channel of each material. Negotiate and arrange factory visits with suppliers to establish suppliers's information; ask for quotations, negotiate prices, purchase materials needed; verify the quantity and quality of incoming materials; evaluate suppliers' prices, quality, delivery time and volume; grasp the fluctuations of market prices of main materials of the company, and understand market trends. To analyze and control the cost; to control and coordinate the delivery date according to the purchase contract or agreement; to prevent and dispose of backlog and waste.

Production department

Production scheduling and process;Supervise and administer product quality; Production balance; Adjustment of production structure according to market demand; Improvement of economic efficiency, labor productivity;Reduction of consumption and cost;Maintance and use of the power equipment, production machinery.